Collection: Intra Workout Supplements

You can hit peak performance at the gym and maximise your gains by using intra workout supplements. But if you want to reap optimal results, you will want to get your gym nutrition products from trusted suppliers like MAX's, where premium quality is guaranteed every time.

From our advanced intra workout formula to BCAAs, to creatine, to glutamine, our range of intra training supplements can help you get the most out of your exercise.

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Benefits of Intra Workout Supplements

One of the known benefits of intra workout nutrition is its ability to maintain your hydration levels. These supplements are typically rich in electrolytes to support long-duration or intense training.

Besides rehydration, here's what else they can do:

  • increase your workout energy
  • maximise power & endurance
  • enable better & faster recovery between sets
  • replenish muscle glycogen
  • reduce muscle soreness & breakdown
  • promote muscle growth & recovery

Who Should Use Intra Workouts?

Anyone can benefit from using intra training products, whether they are beginner athletes or professionals. But they are particularly beneficial to:

  • individuals who are dieting or exercising while fasted— who are prone to fatigue
  • athletes who perform high-intensity workouts, such as powerlifters and bodybuilders
  • anyone who trains for long periods, does endurance exercises, or trains for multiple hours a day, needing sustained energy to maintain performance

High-Quality Supplements for Maximum Performance

Formulated for athletes both new and advanced, MAX's premium-quality intra workout powders can keep your body at its prime until the end of your training. If you want to get the absolute best gains possible, stack your intra-workout nutrition with pre-workouts, post-workouts, and your trusty protein powder.

We have an extensive selection of gym supplements to provide you with all the support you need to accelerate your fitness and performance goals.

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