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If you are serious about building muscle mass and increasing strength, the right protein supplement can make all the difference. You need a steady supply of quality protein that can replace what your body breaks down due to normal wear and tear. And if you’re following a strenuous workout regime, then protein intake becomes even more important.

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MAX’S is one of the leaders in sports nutrition in Australia. We create premium protein powders that help bodybuilders, athletes and fitness enthusiasts achieve their goals.

If you’ve done some research and you’re unsure as to which protein powder you should be reaching for, read on.

Which of Our Mass Gainers Is Right For You?

We have 3 great products to help you gain muscle. We’ve formulated each of these mass gainers to cater to specific goals and training regimens.

Absolute Mass - if you want to build impressive strength and muscle, this is the product for you. It has 60 grams of protein per serving and sustained release carbs for added energy.

SuperSize ULTRA - For when you want to get really big, really fast. It uses quality Whey Protein Concentrate as well as carbs, amino acids, and creatine to help achieve maximum size, strength, and power.

Clean Mass - This is the protein supplement you need if you want to pack on lean muscles. It has the perfect carb to protein ratio for adding size without the fat.

Only the Best Proteins For Your Body

All of our mass gainers are proudly formulated and manufactured in Australia with our proteins sourced from some of the largest producers of high-quality dairy proteins. We develop our products with our own team of food technologists and biochemists, and our manufacturing facilities and processes strictly comply with the Australian Food Standards. We also have accreditations including Dairy Manufacturing Licenced, Food Export Accredited, HACCP, GMP, and ISO22000.

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