About MAX'S

Australian Owned & Australian Operated Since 1989

Headquartered in Victoria, Australia, with offices in New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland, the AminoActive products are widely distributed and sold throughout Australia. We are now actively expanding into new markets.

The team at AminoActive focus on products for bodybuilders, strength athletes and all those wanting to live a healthier and more active lifestyle, both men and women. Our brand family consists of:

MAX’S -  range of bodybuilding supplements is designed and formulated to meet the needs of serious bodybuilders and weight trainers.  Whether you’re training to build muscular mass and strength or you want to build a lean ripped and muscular physique, MAX’S has the right supplement for you.


Maxine's, a popular product range for women, Maxine’s provides a wide variety of Fat Burning protein supplements. Check out our Maxine’s page below for more details. Maxine’s is all about providing many great ways of getting the protein and nutrients you need to burn, tone and boost your body. Whether it’s protein powders, protein bars, or high protein drinks, Maxine’s has got the hardest trainer’s nutritional needs covered. All the AminoActive products are formulated by our

in-house team of food technologists and sports scientists.

We are also responsible for....

The MAX'S & Maxine's Challenge, a 12 week on-line body transformation program that has helped thousands of people from around the country get in the best shape of their lives. Read more about it below by clicking on the respective tiles. 


Muscle TV  the best show online dedicated to serious trainers. Now in a completely different format, the show covers everything from training, nutrition, sports science, interviews with the best bodybuilders and athletes from Australia and around the world.

It's online, edgy and has the perfect balance between hardcore training, comedic skits, interviews and much much more. Subscribe to be a part of this new journey of epicness.