MAX’S was born in 1989 - the dream of two friends Keith Ellis and Paul Kirkham.

  • Keith - an Australian Bodybuilding Champion in the 1980’s and 90’s
  • Paul - a Scientist specialising in nutrition and sports science 

They started out making nutritional products for themselves, and a few friends way back in 1989. Their products and ideas were so popular they soon had a small but thriving business. Their vision grew into making great tasting and highly effective supplements to help Aussie trainers reach their goals. Today, Keith and Paul still own and run the Business, which has become one of Australia’s leading sports nutrition companies.

MAX’S is wholly Australian owned and Australian Made

We are proud to be an Australian company. We are also proud that we employ Australians, and make virtually all of our products right here in Australia. We have our own manufacturing facility in Melbourne. We research and develop all our own products in-house using the latest nutrition science from around the world. 

Quality is a Big Deal for Us

MAX’S products have a reputation for quality and great taste - a reputation we work very hard to uphold. We control the quality of our products by ensuring we source only the highest quality ingredients from within Australia and from quality suppliers around the world. We make our products to the highest standards, and we employ stringent quality assurance systems to build quality into the product you buy. We are licenced and audited by Dairy Australia and the Department of Agriculture - 2 key organisations that control food manufacturing standards in Australia. Our products are made in strict compliance with the Australia and New Zealand Food Standards Code (FSANZ), and we are HACCP certified and accredited to Export Quality. All this means that you can be confident that you are getting the product you pay for, and that what’s on the label is actually in the product!

We are Passionate about Health and Fitness

We started our business over 30 years ago because we wanted products that we could be confident in, to use ourselves. That hasn’t changed. We are lifelong health and fitness enthusiasts. Our products are created by health and fitness nuts, for health and fitness nuts. We make products we use ourselves. Our simple sanity check for new products is - “Would I use this?” 

Our Promise

  • Latest Research - we scour the globe to incorporate the latest sports science into all our products
  • Quality You Can Trust - We formulate our own products, we sources all our ingredients, and we make our products. Why? Because we are obsessive about quality. Our goal is to provide you with consistent, great tasting products that meet your expectations, every time.
  • Results You Can Count On - MAX'S gets results. We make products that we test and use ourselves. If we don't think it works, we won't sell it. 

If you're passionate about health and fitness, and supporting quality Australian products is important to you - then we think MAX’S is a great choice.

Thanks for reading our story.

The MAX'S Team