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If you’re new to the shred and need some help kickstarting your journey, or if you’ve been bulking for a while and know exactly what you’re after, our protein powder bundles and packs are a great way to get everything you need while saving some cash.

We’ve put together epic bundles to help supercharge your goals and ensure you’re getting the most out of your supplement regime.

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Protein Powder Bundles for Shredding and Bulking

We know everyone is on their own grind and needs the right supplements and protein to fuel the body, encourage muscle gain, accelerate recovery and ultimately achieve results.

Our team has created specific beginner, intermediate and advanced packs for those looking to either shred or put on size. We have bundled premium lean or mass protein powders with products like:

  • BCAA powder to maximise energy and protein synthesis.
  • Creatine monohydrate to help build muscles faster, amp up your workout and boost performance.
  • Protein cookies to supercharge your snacking
  • Glutamine+ to stop the breakdown of muscles and stimulate growth.

Packed full of high-quality ingredients, these protein bundles take the hassle out of your regime and give you great value for money!

A Great Range of Premium Protein Powders

MAX’S is one of Australia’s leading sports nutrition suppliers. Our delicious products get results because they are backed by science.

Whether you’re looking to strip fat and build long, lean muscles or go hard and gain some mass, we have a protein powder blend that will amplify your results.

Our shred bundles include the Shred System Protein, built to burn through fat, promote rapid fat loss and enhance muscle protein stores. On the flip side, our Clean Mass blend is a premium lean gainer with the optimum ratio of carbs to protein.

Get Results with MAX’S

It can be hard knowing what you need to take to achieve and smash your goals. Take the guesswork out of it and rely on MAX’S expertly created protein powders to take your workout to the next level.

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