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SuperSize Ultra Value Pack

SuperSize Ultra Value Pack

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🔥 5lb MAX'S SuperSize ULTRA Protein
🔥 6x MAX'S Muscle Meal Cookies
🎁 𝗙𝗥𝗘𝗘 𝗚𝗜𝗙𝗧! MAX'S Premium Shaker
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Get MASSIVE value with MAX'S SuperSize ULTRA VALUE BUNDLE loaded with premium freebies. This pack includes the ultimate MASS building combination of MAX’S SuperSize Ultra and SIX delicious Muscle Meal Cookies and a premium water bottle all for free!
SuperSize ULTRA - 14 Serves (5lb) (2.25 kg)
6x Muscle Meal Cookies
FREE Shaker
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Customer Reviews

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Jack Janssen

SuperSize Ultra Value Pack


Always good


Great product will purchase again 👌

William Hipkin
Best Supplements in Australia!

I have been purchasing Max’s supplements for several years now and I can say the results have been incredible. The value that Max’s provides with each of its products is immense. highly recommend for anyone looking to purchase quality supplements to go with Max’s.

Glen Wilkes
Max's product s

Received my order on time after being referred my Jesse James a person who does product review, he lives and breath s Max s supplement s, as I had bariatric surgery need high source of protein with quality was referred ultra mass ! Chocolate fudge , simple to mix , find it smooth, great taste All so bought Max's cookie for on the go , all so easy eating, great taste ! Will buy again and recommend!