Collection: Post Workout Supplements

Recovery after an intense workout is crucial in building muscle. To reap the full benefits of muscle recovery and growth, enhancing the process with a post workout supplement is a must.

But not all post workout products can improve your recovery time and reduce cell damage, especially if they're formulated poorly and with low-quality ingredients. For gym supplements that give you actual results, opt for premium-quality products made by reputable sports nutrition suppliers like MAX's.

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What Do Post Workout Supplements Do?

If pre workouts enhance your athletic performance, and intra workouts make you last longer in the gym, post workouts stimulate muscle recovery, reduce soreness, and promote muscle-building.

Depending on the type of post workout nutrition you take, timing is crucial to maximising its effects. Creatine and whey protein, for example, are best taken within an hour after your exercise. Casein protein is recommended to be taken before bed to stimulate recovery and reduce muscle breakdown during sleep.

How to Decide on Which Supplement to Use?

Choosing the best post workout for you depends on many factors, such as your fitness goal, diet, and the type of exercise you do. By identifying these said factors, you can pick the ideal supplement to guarantee optimal recovery and replenish your energy.

Here at MAX's, we have an extensive selection of high-quality post workout supplements to cater to all sorts of fitness aspirations and needs. Whether you require a supplement to get bulked, build lean mass, burn fat, or grow muscle, we've got you covered.

Maximum Recovery for Maximum Results

Packed with protein, BCAAs, glutamine, and other essential nutrients for optimal recovery, MAX's premium-quality post workouts will not only get you back in tiptop shape faster, but also push you closer to your desired results.

Want protein? We have a range of protein powders to fit your needs.


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