Your all access pass to rewards, discounts, exclusive offers and lots more!



The MAX'S Gold Club is simple. Earn Gold Club points, then claim those points for coupons, exclusive products and discounts. It couldn't be easier.


Earn points every time you spend to earn points to redeem in-store so you can buy more of your favourite products. No limits on how much you can earn.


Get a special treat on your birthday, and surprise treats throughout the year.


Want your protein delivered for free? Easy, simply redeem your points for a free shipping coupon!

Ways To Earn

Earning points is easy, simply show your support by completing any of the following

Join the Gold Club

15 poiints

Place an Order

1 Point for every $1 spent

Like on Facebook

15 points

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Follow on Instagram

15 points

Celebrate a birthday

15 points

Redeem Your Points

Redeem your points online on the Gold Club pop up (bottom left of screen).

Redeem Offline

Prefer to get your MAX'S proteins in-store? No problem, with our Gold Club redemption program we'll send you free protein and other awesomeness when you buy our products. The more you buy, the more you win! Here's how it works:

Purchase MAX'S Protein

Look for the Gold Club coupon on side of your protein tub.

Collect Your Coupons

Start saving the coupons from your favorite MAX’S Protein products.

Send In Your Coupons

Stick your coupons to the sticker sheet and send it to us.

Get Your Free Product

We'll review your sticker sheet and send you your free product

Download Your Gold Club Sticker Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about the Gold Club. If you still can't find the answer you're looking for, Contact us directly!

If you purchased your proteins directly through our website, you will receive gold club points which a redeemable through our website. Our sticker sheet coupons are only valid for purchases made in-store or through one of our online retailers.

Your points accumulate on every online purchase. For every dollar you spend, you receive 1 point. For every 15 points you accumulate, you can get $1 off your next purchase. For example if you spend $100 you can get $6.60 off your next order.

Yes absoluatly! You need 200 points to get free shipping. Keep in mind, we offer free shipping on all orders over $99.

To join the Gold Club, simply click the "Rewards" button at the bottom left of screen and sign up!


Offline Rewards

The following table outlines our rewards program for OFFLINE purchases only:

2 large or 5 Small vouchers

600ml MAX'S Shaker, Beanie or baseball cap.

3 large or 7 small vouchers

MAX'S Pancakes or One MuscleTV DVD.

4 large or 10 small vouchers

MAX'S Singlet or Tee-Shirt.

5 large or 12 Small vouchers

Any MAX'S Lab Series Product or a box of MAX'S Protein Bars or Cookies

8 large or 18 small vouchers

A protein for MAX'S Premium range.