The Secret To Ultimate Workout Performance And Energy

The Secret To Ultimate Workout Performance And Energy

Hey guys, it’s Rigo here from MAX'S.

A lot of guys ask me about what I do before I train - how do I get myself up to train with maximum intensity! To tell you the truth, there’s no simple answer. Because I’m always looking for that new idea, that new supplement, that edge, to help me really smash my workout. So what am I doing at the moment? Let me tell you.

Be Fresh

First - let's talk about a few key basics. Now this isn’t that sexy, but if you don’t get these things right, much of your other efforts will be wasted - I’ve learned this through experience. Train when you’re fresh and well-rested. No amount of pre-workout is going to make up for a lousy night’s sleep. If you work a hard physical job, try training before work when you're fresh. You want to get enough good sleep every night. I know I need at least 7 hours, preferably 8. The harder I train, the more sleep I need! Sleep is when you recover and grow - so make sleep a priority! 


Next - think about what time of day do you train? Over the years I’ve trained at all times of the day and night. Some guys don’t have a choice, but if you do, try to pick a time when you feel your body works well. I’ve always found training in the afternoon works best for me. Some of my mates swear by morning training. Try to get a routine and stick with it - your body responds better to a routine.


What you eat or don’t eat before you train is also a key. If you are an early morning trainer then you will probably be better off training either fasted of with just a light snack. The benefit of fasted training is it really ramps up fat burning. So if you are training and dieting to get ripped, fasted morning training is great. Some guys feel they need something in their stomach to train. Maybe a black coffee, or a pre-workout, or perhaps a banana. All of these are fine, but as I said, if you can train fasted and eat after your workout you will end up leaner in the long run with just as much muscle.

If you are an afternoon trainer, I recommend you try to make sure you don’t eat within about 2 hours of your workout. I find I can go harder if I feel I’m carrying a half-digested meal around in my stomach!


Now the subject everyone asks me about - Pre-Workouts! When I first started out training pre-workouts were not really a thing. Did I train any worse without them - not really. Do I use them now - yes I do. I do like the boost they give me and I must admit, on the occasions I don’t use a pre-workout I still train well. I guess I’ve become a bit hooked on using a pre-workout. I always have a bit of a thought in the back of my mind that if I don’t use one I won’t train as hard. Most guys I know think the same way.

So what Pre-workout do I use?

Well, as many of you know, I’m a sponsored MAX’S athlete and I’ve been using their BetaPump Red Alert for quite a while now and I think it’s pretty good. And sure, I’ve also tried lots of other brands. Some make you feel a bit more edgy than others, some give you that itchy skin feeling, but generally, if I’m truthful, I don’t know if one brand makes me feel a lot different from another. 

Probably my main issue is caffeine levels. Caffeine is good and bad. It does help me feel focussed and train hard, but if I have too much late in the day - it really mucks up my sleep. And remember what I said about sleep earlier.

So I was really interested that MAX’S has just released a new pre-workout/energy product called ATP Load’d. It’s caffeine-free and is a bit different from your normal pre. The awesome thing about being a sponsored athlete - they sent me new products to try out, so a bottle arrived at my place along with their revamped Vaso-D and T-Dex formulas.

It’s called ATP Load’d because the key ingredient is PEAK ATP.  Now PEAK ATP is the actual compound that makes energy in your muscles - Adenosine Triphosphate. I’ve checked out the PEAK ATP website ( and there’s a lot of science behind it.

So how did it perform?

Well first off I tried it on it’s own. I didn’t get that buzzy anxious feeling I usually get with high stim pre-workouts. In fact, I felt pretty normal. It was a legs day which is always pretty intense! What I did notice straight away is that I felt really strong! It felt like I’d had a week off and I could just go heavier or push more reps on every set. I also stayed strong right to the end of my session. I was impressed!

Now the MAX’S guys also told me I could stack ATP Load’d with Vaso-D (for better blood flow) and T-Dex (for caffeine stim and fat burning) which I did for my next workout - EVEN BETTER! Felt really strong with good focus. Probably more of a pump that just ATP Load’d on its own. I definitely recommend this stack.

The other key difference between these products and most pre-workouts, these are all capsules. A lot easier to transport around and you don’t have to mix them up before your train. The directions say to spread your intake out throughout the day, but I just took them all at once about 30 minutes before my workout. If you have iron guts like me that’s probably fine. If you are a bit sensitive, probably better to follow the directions.

Do I recommend this new ATP product from MAX’s - Absolutley. Not because they sponsor me - but because it really works.

Cheers guys!


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