Gym Etiquette 101: 6 Rules Every Trainer Should Know

Gym Etiquette 101: 6 Rules Every Trainer Should Know

There is nothing more annoying in the gym than being pumped up and ready to get your workout on and then there's someone else's sweat all over it. You might be moving along, you're going to your final exercise and then there's that guy, they've got half the gym around them and if you even look near it you get the death stare not to touch the equipment they're using. So what are the things you must do in any gym to keep your fellow gym goers as well as the staff happy? I've been training and working in gyms for over a decade on 4 different continents and these simple rules I give you below will have you set.

Bring a Towel

Some gyms will kick you out for not having a towel so this is a must. Now you don't need a massive bath sheet, nor should you bring a tiny little towel. You can get a gym towel from Target, and it's only going to set you back $6. Now I'm going to explain the right things to do with your towel at the gym. Use your towel to wipe sweat off your body, use it to cover equipment you sit or lie on. If you don't want to put your towel on the equipment, so long as your then use the cleaning spray after you finish and leave it clean for the next person then you get top marks.

Take Care of That Smell

It doesn't matter where you've come from work or straight out of bed before you hit the gym, nobody in the gym wants to smell any bad odour coming from another person in the gym, especially if they're breathing heavy after working hard. It doesn't take much, just put a bit of deodorant on before you step out of the change room to start your workout, just don’t spray yourself on the gym floor. It only takes you 30 seconds but will keep everyone else in the gym happy. If you struggle with sweating and it worries you, Rexona have deodorants for you, so no excuses.

Clean Up Your Mess

Many people like to think of the gym as a second home which is great! The only issue with that is they get a little bit too comfortable and leave they're mess everywhere they go in the gym. Opening up and emptying your bag near the lockers on the gym floor is a no no. Change in the change rooms, keep your things in your bag and not lying all over the place. Clean up after yourself in the toilets. All the things your Mum used to nag you about, make sure you do them in the gym or you will find that you become enemy number 1 in the gym.

Put Your Weights Back

If you're strong enough to lift a weight off the rack then you are strong enough to put it back. This is maybe one more to keep you in the good graces of the staff, rather than other members. I think it's great when other members speak up and tell people to put their weights away so if you do that, keep doing it! Staff who work in the gym everyday and are constantly putting weights away because people are too lazy can expect to have some stern words coming their way from the staff, so don't let it be you.


Just because your favorite tennis player grunts and screams every shot they takes doesn't mean you need to try and be like them in the gym. If you're working hard then you can huff and puff and breathe heavy while you're working hard and that's ok by everyone. When it comes to grunting and screaming when pushing hard, that's best kept for when nobody else is in earshot. You can be sure to keep on everyone's good side if you keep your noises to a minimum.

Selfies or Texting

The mirrors that are in gyms are not there to help you take the perfect selfie so that you can prove you went to the gym, they're there to help with your technique. Constantly taking selfies is one of the quickest ways to annoy everyone else at the gym. Not only will you be in the way of people actually working out, but other people don't want to be in the background of your selfie. A quick progression pic is ok but that's about where it ends. Sitting on equipment not doing anything for 2-3mins in between sets except texting when others are wanting to use the equipment is another major no no. If you see people wanting to use the equipment and you're having text breaks, then let them use the equipment while you text. You still get to chat to your friends and you keep yourself a great gym member.

Now by following these simple rules you'll not only stay on the good side of the staff at all times but you'll be a great member of the gym which will keep all the other members happy. It doesn't take much extra effort to use common sense and be a clean and respectful gym member.

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