Top 5 Foods That Boost Testosterone and HGH Naturally

Top 5 Foods That Boost Testosterone and HGH Naturally

Needles aren’t the only way to boost your HGH levels. Human Growth Hormone is somewhat of a contentious topic in the bodybuilding fraternity but there is no question that maximising the HGH levels in our system is the optimal way of gaining serious amounts of muscle, FAST! What if we told you the key to doing this, without getting on The Gear, was eating right?

It sounds simple enough, right? So here are the top 5 foods that boost Human Growth Hormone levels naturally:

Raspberries: These delicious and vitamin filled little growth enhancers are rich in melatonin. Melatonin rich foods can increase the body’s release of HGH by up to 157% - That is huge! So add these to your breakfast or have a handful for dessert or a daytime snack to aid growth.

Sashimi: Raw fish is high in Vitamin D and to keep male hormones, including HGH, at optimal levels you need to make sure you aren’t Vitamin D deficient! So while you enjoy a bit of sunshine fuelled tops off salmon sashimi this summer you will be getting 271% of your RDI per 100g serve.

Turkey: Yes, bodybuilders are all about chicken, but turkey breast is the growth hormone enhancing bird. The high levels of L-Arginine turkey has help your body increase naturally occurring hormone levels after only 30 minutes. L-Arginine not only helps raise your hormone levels but also produces nitric oxide for increased blood flow and that is why you will find it in most pre-workouts.

Coconut Oil: Proven to help raise HGH levels for up to 4 hours coconut oil can be added to your pre or post workout shake at the rate of about 1g per kg of bodyweight.

Beef: All right you knew this one was coming, but it’s really important! The high levels of amino acids you get in your favourite lean cuts of steak are what help your body synthesise L-orthinine; the compound that can raise natural HGH levels by up to 4 times it’s naturally occurring levels. Now that is awesome!

Add to this some other well-known HGH supporting amino acid supps like Glutamine and some vegetable sources such as soy or fava beans and you are well on the way to getting your body’s natural levels of human growth hormone at an all time high. Chuck a testosterone booster in the mix and you will be too big for your shirt in no time!

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