Muscle Meal Bar
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Mass Building High Protein Bar

Muscle Meal Bar

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  • 31g Protein
  • 100% Pure BCAA's
  • 34g Carbohydrates
  • Added Glutamine
  • 31g High quality protein.
  • Glutamine and Glutamine Peptides to stop protein catabolism.
  • Added and naturally occurring BCAA’s.
  • 34g High energy carbs for muscle glycogen stores.
Complete High Protein Meal!
Faster Recovery and Improved Muscle Growth!

MAX’S is all about giving you that extra edge to help you prepare for training, increase performance, improve recovery and maximise results. We have developed the industry’s best tasting protein bars for faster recovery and improved muscle growth so that you get the most out of your efforts during each and every workout.

Our team of sports scientists and nutrition experts focus on providing products that are perfect for everyone from casual gym goers to the hardest trainers. We use only the highest quality ingredients while relying on scientific research from internationally renowned sources.

Our Muscle Meal bars are just the beginning: our full range includes Creatine X8, mass gainer, lean protein and much more, so have a browse and get everything you need to reach your fitness goals. With MAX’S, you get the latest products put together by a passionate team and backed up by thorough and extensive scientific research.

Serving Size: 85g

Servings per container: 1

Nutritional ValuePer Serve 85gPer 100g
Fat - Total5.8g6.8g
Fat - Saturated3.3g3.9g
Carbohydrates - Total33.8g39.8g
Carbohydrates -Sugars25.1g29.5g

How To Take Muscle Meal Bar

Perfect For Mass Builders!

To help gain weight, consume 1-2 bars per day in addition to regular meals. To aid recovery, consume 1 bar within 30 minutes after training or sports activity. MAX's Muscle Meal bars should be take in conjunction with a nutritious diet and a suitable exercise program.

Who Should Take Muscle Meal Bar

Younger thinner trainers who want to add weight and build muscle mass.
Trainers with a fast metabolism who want to add weight.
Trainers who want a high protein and carbohydrate drink at any time or after training to maximise workout recovery

When To Use
Pre Workout
Post Workout
During Workout
All Day Use
Night Time
Nutritional Boost

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