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Classic Series

Professional Grade Proteins

Super Shred

Thermogenic Fat Stripping Formula


MAX’S SuperShred is and advanced Thermogenic Fat Stripping Formula that combines fast and sustained release protein with powerful fat burning nutrients to help you build a lean, shredded and muscular physique.

Super Whey

100% Whey Protein Blend


Super Whey is our premium protein blend designed for all trainers from beginner to advanced. It combines Whey Protein Isolate, Concentrate and Hydrolysed Whey Peptides to give you the ideal formula for muscle recovery and lean muscle gain.


Advanced mTor Signalling Foruma


MAX'S High Leucine WPI protein powder represents a breakthrough in Protein Technology. Thanks to a unique processing technology, this new WPI powder, which is exclusive to MAX’S, contains 20% higher levels of peptide bound Leucine, meaning you get more peptide-bound Leucine in every serve. Leucine has emerged as the anabolic hero of all the amino acids.

Super Size

High Protein Mass Building Formula


MAX’S SuperSize will push your metabolism anabolic! You will pack thousands more kilojoules of muscle building nutrients into your daily eating plan to ensure you make the gains you want. Each serve in low fat milk gives you a massive 800 calories (3400kj) and 51 grams of protein, plus heaps of clean energy carbs to fuel massive muscle growth and rapid weight gains.

Nite Time

Slow Release Protein


Up to 60% of new muscle growth occurs while you sleep – if you give your body the right nutrients. Don’t waste your hard hours in the gym with poor night time nutrition. MAX’S Nitetime is Australia best-selling night protein because it provides up to 7 hours of continuous slow protein release to keep you recovering and growing all night while you sleep. It combines ultra-slow releasing Micellar Casein with slow releasing Calcium Caseinate and medium releasing Whey Protein Concentrate to give you a great night’s sleep. You will wake up recovered and ready to tackle each new day and each gruelling workout.