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Pro Series

Premium Whey Isolate Formula

Whey Isolates

  • 22g Protein
  • Low Carb
  • 5.5g BCAAS
  • 4.5g Glutamine
  • Fast acting Hydrolysed Whey Peptides.
  • Pure Whey Protein Isolate.
  • Premium Quality.
  • Low fat and Low Carbs.
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Ultimate Lean Muscle Builder!
Premium Whey Isolate Formula

MAX’S Whey Isolates is our advanced formula combining two of the fastest absorbing whey proteins – Whey Protein Isolate and Hydrolized Whey Peptides. It is low in fat and carbohydrates making it the perfect lean muscle building formula.

Whey is nature's most bio-available protein. It is superior to meat proteins, egg protein, fish protein, and plant proteins in building muscle. Why? Because it has an ideal profile of amino acids in optimum ratios for building and repairing human muscle tissue. It is high in muscle building Branched Chain Amino Acids, and also has a perfect blend of essential and non essential amino acids. 

MAX’S Whey Isolates is designed for serious trainers whose priority is to build solid lean muscle without adding fat. Each 30g serve of Whey Isolates contains 23 grams of pure whey protein, and is very low in fat and lactose. It contains naturally high levels of BCAA’s to stimulate more muscle growth, and is a rich source of L-Glutamine to boost recovery after hard training. Whey Isolates contains:

  • Hydrolysed Whey Peptides is Pure Whey Protein that has been broken down using specific protease enzymes so it requires no digestion, allowing it to be absorbed very quickly. It is ideal for taking immediately after training to rapidly flood your system with amino acids that can be used for recovery and muscle rebuilding. 
  • Whey Protein Isolate is the most bio-available and best protein for building muscle and works synergistically with Hydrolysed Whey Peptides. It contains high levels of Branched Chain Amino Acids, including L-Leucine, which are key regulators of muscle growth.

MAX'S Whey Isolates are recommended for all levels of trainers from beginner through to advanced who want to build a lean muscular physique without adding excess body fat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
miguel chavez
Whey isolate.

Amazing taste it! High grade protein 💯 recommended

Great Product

Great Product and taste plus quick delivery

Best WPIs on the market

Dissolves easily, vanilla a great flavour and the Pro Series isolates have been great for growth and recovery

Quentin Ahrns
Wonderful iob

The purchase was my first and I’d do it again very prompt and I got what I ordered and the price is good too and the range is better than what I can get at my gym
Thanks again

Darren Sloan

The whey is awesome taste great and seems to do the job

MAX'S Whey Isolates Protein Blend:

Micro & Ultra Filtered Whey Protein Isolate,  Hydrolyzed Whey Peptides.

Other Ingredients:

Cocoa, Flavours, Vegetable Gum (412), Soy Lecithin, Sweeteners (955, 950).

Serving Size: 30g (1 Scoop)

Servings per container: 60

Nutritional ValuePer Serve in WaterPer 100g
Energy460kJ (110 Cal)1530kJ (360 Cal)
Fat - Total0.6g2.1g
Fat - Saturated0.1g0.3g
Carbohydrates - Total2.3g7.8g
Carbohydrates - Sugars0.7g2.4g
L-Aspartic Acid1.2g4.0g

How To Take Whey Isolates

Take 2 serves per day between regular meals – one of these should be post training. Mix 30 grams (approx. 1 scoop) in a shaker with 200ml of low fat milk or cold water, and shake for 30 seconds or until powder is fully dispersed. Consume within 30 minutes.

Who Should Take Whey Isolates

MAX’S Whey Isolates is recommended for trainers looking to speed up their recovery and increase lean muscle mass. It is ideal for someone looking to maintain a low level of body fat while building muscle.


Can I use Whey Isolates after training?

Yes, the high Leucine content of this protein plus in fast absorption characteristics makes it an ideal post workout protein. For trainers who want to gain weight, we recommend mixing in milk, for trainers who want to get lean and ripped, you can mix in water.

Can I take Whey Isolates before bed?

Whey Isolates is a great fast acting all round protein. It can be taken to boost your system amino acid content before bed however a better choice would be a slower acting protein like MAX’S Casein SR or MAX'S Anabolic Night which are formulated for taking at night.

Do I need to take extra BCAA’s if I’m using Whey Isolates?

For most trainers, 2 serves of this protein will give your system enough BCAA’s, especially Leucine, to maximise protein synthesis and recovery. If you are a very heavy trainer or training hard more than four times per week it is advisable to consider using extra BCAA’s (the MAX’S Lab Series BCAA’s formula is excellent) to ensure maximum recovery. We also suggest taking extra Glutamine to support recovery and your immune health.

When To Use
Pre Workout
Post Workout
During Workout
All Day Use
Night Time
Nutritional Boost

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