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The Ultimate Guide to Protein Powder: Everything You Need to Know

With new research coming out every year, sometimes it pays to question the conventional wisdom. Slickly produced documentaries like the worldwide die...

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The Secret Behind Building Muscle and Losing Body Fat At The Same Time!

If you’re anything like most of the guys we work with during Max’s Challenge programs, nothing is quite as motivating as seeing results. Whether i...

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5 Tips for Training around injuries

Do you have persistent pain in the lower back? Does your back hurt when you try to lift up something heavy? Is your back painful when you stoop dow...

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#BBGOAT: Frank Zane vs. Jay Cutler

The #BBGOAT (BodyBuilding Greatest of All Time) is MAXS.COM.AU's knockout competition to determine who the fans think is the greatest bodybuilder of a...

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