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Gym Etiquette 101 – 6 Rules Every Trainer Should Know

There is nothing more annoying in the gym than being pumped up and ready to get your workout on and then there's someone else's sweat all over it. You...

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The Ultimate Beach Full-Body Workout

There's a feeling you get when you go to the beach - the smell, sound and sea water seems to have a rejuvenating effect. As most Australians do, I try...

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How Using Your Mind Can Boost Your Workouts

There are a number of mental attributes a person needs in order to fulfil their physical potential. Motivation, intelligence, resilience will all come...

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Train Smarter Not Harder: 8 Tips To Faster Gains

Do you want to limit your risk of injuries, protect your hard earned gains and bust through those frustrating progress plateaus? All whilst getting ...

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Top 4 Best Ways to Get Massive Calves

Even among the greatest lifters, there is one major problem: they often spend too much time building muscular upper bodies and give too little attenti...

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10 BodyWeight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Summer is on the way - but it’s not here yet! If you’re about to take a tropical escape to ease your winter blues, but don’t want to lose that h...

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