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Ultimate Guide To Boosting Human Growth Hormone Levels

Human growth hormone (HGH) helps with growth, cell repair, metabolism and maximising muscle growth, so boosting its production can really help take your training to the next level. Human growth hormone is produced in the pituitary gland and not only does it aid muscle development but also increases libido and sexual drive in males. Here we explore how you can boost human growth hormone levels in your body to benefit your training efforts and get the maximum muscle building potential from your hard work.

Lower body fat

Lowering your body fat can inspire greater human growth hormone production in the body. Studies have found that those with three times the belly fat will produce half the level of HGH. The ‘dirty bulk’ or ‘off season’ gut gains may not be the answer after all!

ultimate HGH boosting guide

Intermittent fasting

Fasting intermittently during the day can also help to promote the development of human growth hormone. This occurs because of insulin control and can increase human growth hormone production by up to 300%. Intermittent fasting commonly uses an 8-hour eating window each day and a 16-hour fast that helps to control weight and insulin levels.

Reduce sugar intake

If the amount of insulin in your blood increases then your human growth hormone production will be reduced. You can help to prevent this by reducing your intake of sugar and in doing so controlling your insulin levels. That sounds simple but we also know ‘insulin spiking’ can have beneficial effects on muscle growth, so taking the right kinds of carbohydrates is something you should look at when trying to maximise HGH production. Sugar intake is also a factor in fat gain that will also limit the production of human growth hormone. The general aim is to reduce the sugar in your diet and you will benefit from increased HGH levels.

Avoid food before bed

Eating before you go to bed will increase the levels of insulin in your body. When you are sleeping your body will naturally release large amounts of human growth hormone, but this can be stifled if you have eaten a lot before bed. Instead, you should eat your largest meals in the morning and at lunchtime, allowing you to enjoy a smaller meal several hours before you go to bed. This will increase your natural human growth hormone production. This doesn’t exactly account for the ‘bodybuilding’ style of diet but it can be taken into account when trying to gain maximum muscle mass. Try having your last meal or night time shake a couple hours before bed and making it low GI and low carb can help maximise potential muscle growth whilst minimising insulin.

Exercise at high intensity

High-intensity exercise will help you to promote the release of human growth hormone levels in the body. When you lift heavy weights and expend large amounts of energy in just a short period you will promote the production of HGH for the repair of cells and this can have wider benefits. The effect can be increased by reducing the rest time between exercises too.

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Optimise your sleep

Getting a good rest at night will help your body to naturally release the human growth hormone and help with recovery. You can improve this by sleeping more effectively and optimising your sleep. Avoid using blue screens at night and reduce caffeine intake late in the day to promote a better sleep.

Use testosterone boosters

Using testosterone boosters can give you the added benefit of increased muscle development. Using a HGH booster can dramatically improve the results experienced by boosting your human growth hormone levels and can experience the finest body crafting results. MAX’S can help you to get the best testosterone booster on the market.



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