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Shop Smart & Save: 6 Pro Tips To Save On Food

Right boys! Now it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to bulk up, or you’re on your way to getting shredded – what you put in your shopping basket can make a huge difference. Not only in your results, but also your wallet.

We all know how to shop right? Seems like a silly question… As kids we all remember going with Mum to the shops and she’d just fill the trolley up (while we tried to sneak chocolates and lollies in), easy. Now as an adult you get to put all the food you want in your shopping cart – how good is that! The problem is, in order to achieve your fitness and health goals you need to shop smart so you not only eat healthy for your own well being, but also to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Here are some simple steps to shop smart and also save you some money.

1 – Be Organized

To make sure you don’t add those lollies or buy a snack or snacks that will get you no closer to your goal, it is important to make a list! Look through your kitchen cupboards, fridge and freezer and see what you actually have and what you need and write it down. Writing a list will help you not only stick to budget, but also stick to the foods you’re suppose to buy and not what your eyes like the look of when you’re there. If you know your local supermarket well you can write your list in order of what you’ll go past first in your supermarket.


2 – Have a Snack Before You Go

If you’re hungry at the supermarket, guess what you’re going to do, impulse buy! Companies pays upwards of $40,000 to get their items at the end of the supermarket isle in hope to entice you to buy that product, and worse yet, you probably don’t even need it! You’ve made your list and you don’t feel hungry so don’t think you need a snack, have a glass of water then. This will help kick any little hunger that might appear after you leave the house and will also help you get your 2+ liters you should be drinking a day. Treat the supermarket like game, how fast can you get in and out with all the items on your list with no added extra’s?


3 – Park As Far Away As You Can From The Entrance

Now after leg day this can seem like some kind of strange self-torture but the extra movement will do you good – so stop complaining! By parking well away from the entrance you win in every way! Firstly your precious car is less likely to get scratched from any out of control trolleys. Secondly you get some extra steps into your daily movement which is only going to help you towards your fitness goals! And finally you will give those spaces to little old ladies who need to be park closer so you get some good life brownie points!


4 – Specials, Specials, Specials

Ok, now try to visit your local supermarket at different times because if you do this you’ll figure out when they reduce all the meat which we all know can save you big bucks – especially if you’re in bulking mode. For your fresh produce, look to buy whatever is in season as it’ll be cheaper than produce that’s had to be imported. When you do go down the isles for the couple of extra things you need look at the bottom or top of the shelf as this is where the cheaper brands are which are just as good quality and taste just as good but cost a lot less. The brands at eye level are usually the ones the supermarket make the most profit off or pay for their products to be put at eye level to trap the unsuspecting shopper


5 – Fill Your Cart From The Outside Of The Shop

Supermarkets are set up so that the fresh fruit and veggies are right there as you walk in and then meat is usually around the back wall and then frozen goods on the other side to the fresh produce and then isle of everything else. Your cart should pretty much be full after you do a lap around the outside of the supermarket. This means the only things you really need to get from the isles are the small things like rice, oats, wraps and spices.


6 – Be A Responsible Shopper

While it does cost more to shop sustainably, you need to have a good think about what you’re buying. All meat and eggs should be free range, or bare minimum responsibly sourced. Try to buy palm oil free or sustainably sourced palm oil so all of our children and grandchildren can see orangutans in their lifetime. When the option is there, always try to buy local from Australian farmers or business’s to support local business’ and families.



Guys if you’re serious about achieving even the smallest of goals or completely transforming your physical shape, you have to be switched on with the nutrition side and that starts with what you’re bringing home from the supermarket. All that hard work you’re doing in the gym, the sweat, the callus’s will only get you so far. Using the tips above you’ll be able to shop the smart and save some money.

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