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Scott Goble – Are You Hardcore Anymore?

Is it time to hand in your Hardcore Card?

Many of my friends long ago handed in their Man Cards. Some when they met their girlfriends, some when they thought it would be a good idea to tie up their hair in a bun, others when they bought a selection of scarfs that they could colour coordinate with their outfit of the day. Luckily I remain a pig of a husband, have no hair and still endure a freezing neck, but recently I have asked myself, “Is it time to hand in my Hardcore Card?”

What prompted me to think this way? The first giveaway was the fact that I no longer squat. After years of knee issues I find the risk to reward ratio of this exercise just does not pay off. I have rehabbed diligently, poured thousands of dollars into PRP, deep tissue massage, orthotics for my shoes. I’ve invested hours into mobility and stability work, slow eccentric movements and technique analysis. Despite all this time and effort it doesn’t take more than a squat session or two to render my knee dysfunctional. I have accepted that I am no longer a squatter. If you’re most hardcore leg video you can upload to Instagram is a leg press video, you seriously need to recognise your Hardcore Card is in jeopardy. In fact if you’re worried about the videos you’re uploading to Instagram full stop your Hardcore Card could be revoked.

I’ve considered many other things with my training, including the use of machines over free weights. In some instances I find it easier to stabilise joints and activate the target muscle on a machine instead of a free weight exercise. I get sorer the next day in the right places while preserving my connective tissue. I consider my longevity in the gym, I want to train the rest of my life and I think some machines may help me achieve that if I use them in place of free weight movements. That Hardcore Card is hanging by a thread.

When it comes to my nutrition I have considered the health consequences of pounding my body with excessive amounts of protein for decades. I am considering reducing protein and really looking at increasing the vegetable matter that I consume. I want to control inflammation, look after my digestive system and live a long and healthy life even if it reduces my chances of building muscle. Luckily I haven’t acted on any of this and when I dine out I simply order the largest steak on the menu, 600gm T-bone come at me, what’s this a 1kg rump steak, hell yeah……..Hardcore Card reinstated.

I have been lucky enough to do some travelling in recent years. I still love training so I always seek out some gyms when I am overseas. On a number of occasions I have thought to myself, “Wow these are some nice change rooms.” or “Look how clean and nicely colour coordinated this equipment is.” I think it’s okay to think like that, but if you choose to train at a gym because of the facilities and not because of the racks (which I no longer squat in) or because the dumbbells go up to 80kgs then you need to hand in your Hardcore Card. Luckily I train at Dohertys Gym, I would happily shower using a bucket hanging from a chin bar to continue training at that gym, so my Hardcore Card is safe.

Lastly, and I’m ashamed to admit this. It’s your perception of yourself. I uttered a phrase I never thought would pass by my lips last night. While speaking to a very hardcore bodybuilder I said the following, “I don’t really want to get any bigger than I am now.” Not only did I say it, I meant it. So there it is, at the age of 41, content to sit in the mid 120’s acknowledging that pushing my size and weight higher would only compromise my quality of life, it’s time. The journey has been a wonderful one, but it’s time to hand in my Hardcore Card. May as well start having an Acai Bowl for breakfast instead of bacon and eggs.

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Scott Goble

Scott Goble
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