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How to Stay on Track and Survive The Festive Season

It’s the greatest eating and drinking time of the year, oh and also Christmas and New Years. All the great recipes from your Mum and Grandma’s come out and are in the fridge, calling your name every time you get anywhere near the fridge. The drinks fridge is filled up with every ones favorite beer and liquor and is re-stocked each morning by nephews trying to sneak a beer or 2. While we all want to enjoy ourselves this festive season you don’t want to have a blow out and ruin all the hard work you’ve done this year. By following these simple steps you’ll be able to enjoy every bit of Christmas and New Years without missing out on any delicious goodies.

Keep working out

Just because the family is in town or you’re traveling to the family doesn’t mean you give up on working out. Depending on where you have to travel to, there are a lot of gym chains that are all over Australia so you can use your membership. This is the perfect time to use 7 day trials either for you while you travel or to get from your gym for family who can come and train with you. If you’re planning a few rest days, which is totally fine, then plan your workouts ahead to make sure you don’t miss training any muscle group. Remember that getting outside for a swim at the beach, a bike ride or even a round of golf are all still keeping you active. If you’re coping it from the family about still working out then try and shorten your workouts by trying new things like drop sets or pyramid sets to get your pump on.


Now there are 2 basic methods of thinking when it comes to eating around this time of year. Some people are happy to take the extra couple of kilo’s so they can enjoy themselves with almost recklessness abandonment because they know they can burn it off after the holiday’s. Then there are the people who can’t add those extra kilo’s because they may not be sure they can get it back off, or they might be ultra-disciplined and in pure Beast-Mode. Now if you’re in the first lot then while it’s ok to enjoy everything, you should still be setting yourself limits. You can have everything you want from grandma’s goodies in the fridge but have one of each, not half the tub! Have a little bit of everything at lunch and dinner, but only have a little bit of each dish, not a huge pill of each, unless you’re bulking. If you’re part of the second group of people who keep it ultra-strict, leave the scales in the cupboard and plate up by eye. If you’re ultra-strict then you should be able to measure about 150-200g of meat or 200g of veggies. The ultra-disciplined person is that person who never wants a full piece of treats but will always bug their partner or family member for just s bite. To the ultra-disciplined people, I salute you, just don’t try and have a bite of any of my treats.


Now everyone should be smart enough to know that alcohol isn’t going to help you get a great body in any way, but, most of us will indulge in our favorite booze around the holiday’s. Whether it be your favorite beer, wine, spirit, or all 3, drink responsibly. Use this time of the year where you might have a few extra days off to get fresh fruit and make some yummy shakes mid-morning. Try putting an agreed time of day that nobody can have an alcoholic beverage before. The ultra-disciplined won’t have much of an issue with drinking as they either don’t drink or will enjoy their one drink here and there and that’ll be it for them. For those who like to indulge try to pick out some drinks that might be lower in calories. A general rule is the clearer the drink, the less calories it will have. While it’s smart to buy boxes of beer at this time of year, only keep enough the fridge for what you want to drink each night. That will stop you from over indulging.

Relax with preparation

At this time of year you’ll be rushing around from work to the gym and then different groups Christmas parties so preparation is the key. Having healthy snacks with you like banana’s, protein bars and of course your go-to protein shake will keep you fueled up while you rush from place to place. Nobody needs to be hanrgy at this time of year so keep yourself prepared at all times. Keep major stress’s which can lead to stress eating out of mind by getting all your presents early and avoiding the last minute rush at shopping centres. Always give yourself extra travel time because we all know roads are busier at this time of year. If you’re driving long distances then keep yourself hydrated and take regular breaks. Buy as much of the food for Christmas day ahead of time and store it, so you’re only buying the fresh food the day before.

By keeping these 4 simple steps in mind you can enjoy your festive period without having a blow-out and ruining all the hard work you did this year. Stay fit, be happy and have a great holiday time.

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