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How to keep your New Years Resolution

The parties and BBQ’s of New Years has been and gone now. For many people the new year means new years resolutions and getting fit and healthy. If that’s you then great, you’ve hopefully got yourself sorted out with a gym or a personal trainer and have got at least a couple weeks training under your belt already.  For some at this point it’s not fun and they’re not interested in sticking to their resolutions and for others, they’re still enjoying it but might be straying from their plan here and there. I’m going to tell you how you keep on track and keep yourself motivated when times start to get a bit tough. Follow these simple guidelines to stick to your 2017 fitness goals!

1 Remind yourself of your goal

This might sound silly but if you’ve lost motivation and really aren’t having much fun and thinking of throwing in the towel have a sit down and really think about what your goal was when you started. You set that goal for a reason, what was it? You might need to ask yourself some hard questions and be willing to answer them, even if it’s just to yourself. Successful people have their goals written down and look at and even say their goals everyday.

2 Change your workout

When I see people start to look bored when they’re working out, the reason I’ll get 90% of the time is they’ve been doing the same workout for too long and they’re bored. Getting bored with your workouts is a major motivation killer and will stop people from training hard and for some it will stop them working out at all. Now if you’ve got a plan from the internet or you local gym PT and you’ve been doing it on your own, you want to change workouts around every 6-8 weeks. This gives you enough time for your body to reap the rewards from those exercises before moving onto the next set of exercises. If you change too quickly then you wont get all the rewards for your hard work so be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Remember that the extra fat you’re trying to get rid of didn’t appear over night so it’s not going to disappear over night.

3 Make changes to your diet

Many people can stick to the exercise part of their fitness resolution but the food is where they have their downfall. Many people see eating healthy as boring and bland but that’s just not the case. Yes eating healthy can mean you do stick to eating similar foods a lot of the time but that doesn’t mean you have to get bored.  Fill up a spice rack with a whole bunch of new and different spices to flavor your meat and veggies, it’ll give your taste buds something different and keep them interested in healthy eating. If you’re stuck for some idea’s or changes you can make check out:

4 Make some new short term goals

People can easily lose sight of their goal when life gets in the way and their goal is a long term goal. If you’re doing a 12 week challenge then try and make some shorter goals. Firstly you need to make a goal for each week. It might be something as simple as exercising at least 4 times, or not to cheat at all with your diet. A good time to do your weekly goal is when you’re doing your food prep. Making monthly goals is also a good way to break down the long term goal. Your monthly goal should be more specific than the weekly goal. Try and aim for a set number for loss of body fat or set a time to complete a run in. Make the monthly goal realistic and achievable and by achieving these smaller goals you’ll stay motivated for your long term goal.

5 Get away

Losing focus on a fitness resolution can come down to being bored in your life. Getting away from your normal life and house can be great to breathe new life into your week. It might be getting away for a night over the weekend or even going for a long day drive or ride to put yourself in a new surrounding. Getting into nature is great and not only revitalizes your mind but you’ll also burn some extra calories while you walk around enjoying nature.

6 Make a check list

When you change your life to live a healthy lifestyle and you’re now doing all these new different things you never used to do, a lot of the time people start great but slowly forget things and miss things they were doing at the start but let drop off. By making a weekly checklist and even a daily checklist you can make sure you’re doing everything you’re suppose to be doing and not lose track of it all. Things you might want to put on your weekly checklist could include food prep, PT sessions booked and an exercise date with a friend. Things that would appear on the daily checklist could include meditation, supplements, stretching and filling out your training diary.

Losing focus on your resolution isn’t the end of the world so long as you catch it and turn it around! Remember why you set yourself the goal and how important it is to you. Use the steps I’ve given you above to re-focus your life back to your fitness resolution and you’ll be back on the path to success. Constantly set yourself smaller goals to help break the big goal down and you’ll achieve anything you put your mid to!

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