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#BBGOAT: Kai Greene vs. Jay Cutler

The #BBGOAT (BodyBuilding Greatest of All Time) is MAXS.COM.AU’s knockout competition to determine who the fans think is the greatest bodybuilder of all time. We started with our top 16 of the Greatest Bodybuilders of all time and now we’re asking YOU to do the hard work – that is, narrow it down to one. Set up in much the same way as a tennis tournament, each week you’ll see head-to-head match-ups, with the winner of those progressing to the next round to square off with their next challenger. From 16, we’ll go to 8, to 4, and ultimately our final. So cast your VOTE and decide just who is the greatest bodybuilder in history!

We’re talking Coleman vs. Columbo; Phil vs. Flex, Arnie vs. Jay – It’s time for the fans to have their say!

You’ll be able to cast your vote below.

Two modern legends square off in the opening round of match-ups.


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Kai Greene

  • Nickname: The Predator
  • Born: July 12, 1975
  • Height: 170cm
  • Weight: 250-285lbs (Contest)
  • Pro Debut: 2005
  • Best Win: Arnold Classic, 2009–2010 and 2016

By The Numbers: Pro Comps: 32 | 1st Places: 13 | 2nd Places: 6 | 3rd Places: 5 | Arnold Classic Wins: 5 | Mr. Olympia Wins: 0.

One of the modern-day greats and undoubtedly the peoples favourite, Kai Greene is best known for his rivalry with Phil Heath – taking 2nd place at three consecutive Mr Olympia contests. Among a long list of wins, Kai’s greatest victories would be the 2009, 2010 and 2016 Arnold Classic Titles.

Jay Cutler

  • Nickname: Cuts
  • Born: August 3, 1973
  • Height: 175cm
  • Weight: 274lbs (Contest)
  • Pro Debut: 1998
  • Best Win: IFBB Mr. Olympia 2006–2007, 2009–2010

By The Numbers: Pro Comps: 24 | 1st Places: 5 | 2nd Places: 13 | 3rd Places: 1 | Arnold Classic Wins: 3 | Mr. Olympia Wins: 4.

After completing his first ever bodybuilding competition in 1992, Cutler turned pro in 1998 with the first of his significant pro wins coming at Arnold Classic in 2002. He went on to win the AC in 2003 and 2004 before taking out the first of four Mr Olympia titles in 2006.

#BBGOAT First Round

#BBGOAT Second Round


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