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Jason Bednarz

  • 6x NABBA Mr. Australia
  • 170cm
  • on Stage 85kg. Off season 95-98kg
  • Adelaide, South Australia
Jason Bednarz

About Jason

5x NABBA Overall Mr South Australia. 6x NABBA Mr. Australia. Owner of SPOT ON PERSONAL TRAINING & HEALTH specialising in Personal training, weight loss, gym programs, female & male contest prep. & sports performance.

Never ever ever give up. Go hard or go home. Champions aren't made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them-a desire, a dream, a vision.

Jason Bednarz

Jason's Highlights

  • 5x NABBA Overall Mr South Australia.
  • 6x NABBA Mr. Australia

Jason's Nutrition & Training

Jason's Training Schedule
Monday: Quads & Calves
Tuesday: Shoulders & Abs
Wednesday: Back
Thursday: Biceps & Triceps
Friday: Chest & Calves
Saturday: Hamstrings & Abs
Sunday: Rest
Jason's Nutritional Plan
Meal 1: 1 cup oatmeal, fruit & 1 scoop MAX'S 100% Pure Whey. 2 Whole eggs & 10 egg whites - scrambled.
Meal 2: 4 scoops MAX'S Clean Mass (Post Workout).
Meal 3: 200g chicken breast & 200g white rice
Meal 4: 200g turkey patties & 200g white rice.
Meal 5: 200g chicken breast & 200g white rice.
Meal 6: 250g steak & green vegetables or large salad.
Meal 7: 2 Scoops MAX'S Anabolic Night

The Jason Bednarz Stack

Creatine X8

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Anabolic Night

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BCAA 10:1:1

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