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Jack Jie

  • ICN Pro and Personal Trainer
  • 5'7"
  • 80kg
  • Beijing, China
Jack Jie

About Jack

I started my training when I was 20, with the initial aim is to increase my physical presence in basketball. Over time weight training started to pay off and change my physical appearance, I decided to pursue it and see how far I could take it. Training has become such a great part of my life now that I have become a personal trainer and started to share my training experience with others.

I became part of the MAX’S family in 2016 and use their full range to help improve my training performance and physique I bring to the stage. Quality and flavour is a big thing for me and MAX'S Pro Series is the best I have tried!

Jack Jie

Jack's Highlights

  • 2017 ICN Melbourne Championship men’s bodybuilding Novice champion
  • 2017 ICN Melbourne Championship Overall Champion

Jack's Nutrition & Training

Jack's Training Schedule
Monday: Shoulders & Abs
Tuesday: Back
Wednesday: Chest
Thursday: Arms & Abs
Friday: Legs
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest
Jack's Nutritional Plan
Meal 1: MAX’S Whey Isolates Shake, Glutamine+, wholegrain bread, 4 egg whites, fruit
Meal 2: Noodles, Chicken, Vegetables
Meal 3: MAX'S SuperShred, wholegrain Bread
Meal 4: Chicken, vegetables, sweet potato
Meal 5: MAX'S Casein SR, Glutamine+
Meal 6:
Meal 7:

The Jack Jie Stack

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